Jaunting Sisters

Pumpkin Patch Fun in Northern Kentucky

The temperature is dropping, the smell of bonfires lingers in the air and the colors of autumn are slowly falling from the surrounding trees.

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Hyatt Carmel Highlands, Big Sur Coast

As I entered my seventh month of pregnancy, my husband and I decided it was time for one last trip...

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Upcoming Italian Roadtrip & Babymoon

This week is a flurry of activity as my husband Nick and I prepare to return to Italy. 

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About Us

Jaunting Sisters
documents the journey of three best friends who happen to be sisters. The Kerr Sisters, to be exact. Each sister has a unique personality and perspective on life -- with which one do you identify most?

Julie - the oldest and wisest

Jenny - the typical middle child

Jill - the baby of the family

Love of travel and new experiences was instilled in them at an early age by their Great Aunt Lu, who herself visited all 50 states and 14 countries, and also by their grandmother Mimi, who strove to emphasize the importance of family togetherness by planning an annual Kerr family trip to Hilton Head.

Life isn't always as easy and convenient as one would think, so although the girls aren't always able to go on trips all together, they still share their passion for globe trotting and immersion in a culture different from their own. This site is a journal of sorts, detailing the ins and outs of jet-setting, whether glamorous and foreign, or even roughing it close to home. We mainly focus on luxury and trend-setting travel but with a savvy, budget-friendly mindset.

Also, don't forget to check out the special section for Jaunting with the Kerr Cousins which covers the adventures of Carson, Amber, Jamison, Ashley, G, and Abbey, and now our hilarious Uncle Jimmy.

Jaunting with the Kerr Cousins Silhouettes

We now have a Friend Blogs section for articles written by our friends for Jaunting. Our first blogger is Courtney Black, who is married to our dear friend Kevin. We are excited to hear everyone's great travel tips and stories!