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  1. Fulfilling Destiny in Positano

    Category: Blogs/Jill

    ... via Marisa Tomeii from the 1990's flick "Only You". From that moment, a quest was organized, that one day my sister, Jenny, and I would travel there to this ethereally beautiful coastal settlement. Fast ... Monday, 21 January 2013
  2. Personal Guide to Conquering the Istanbul Baths

    Category: Blogs/Jill

    ... Hamam and would recommend it to any couples looking for a "traditional" experience while traveling in Istanbul. 35386577 On an iPhone? View Jill's Suleymaniye Hamam video at: http://vimeo.com/35386577 ... Friday, 20 January 2012
  3. Jaunting in a Winter Wonderland

    Category: Seasonal/Winter

    Just hear those sleigh bells jingling! Jaunting with the Kerr Sisters wants to help you get in the Christmas spirit, so we've compiled a list of our articles that discuss travel for Christmas. Even if ... Friday, 18 November 2011
  4. Plan Your Own Christmas Wine Dinner

    Category: Blogs/Jill

    ... Wellington as my main course. It's fancy and rarely eaten throughout the year. Plus the richness lends itself to different wine pairings. Shape your menu for that year to reflect some of your travels. ... Tuesday, 15 November 2011
  5. Reasons to Love Europe in Winter

    Category: Blogs/Jenny

    ... is more painful than a scorched tongue, so sip cautiously and enjoy! Hat Shopping Since wearing a thermal hat is more of a necessity when traveling outside in the cold, Europeans ... Monday, 01 August 2011
  6. Vienna, Austria

    Category: Location/Austria

    Handel's Messiah at the Musikverein Drinks at the Hotel Sacher Saturday, 08 January 2011
  7. Top Travel Apps

    Category: Resources/Travel Resources

    Utilize mobile technology to assist your travels, but beware, many of these applications take up considerable data, so please check your data plan, especially overseas. Most of these are recommended for ... Thursday, 06 January 2011
  8. Travel Movies - Alphabetical

    Category: Resources/Travel Resources

    ... Notes: This is one of the best romantic travel films of all time. It will make you want to take a trans-Atlantic cruise in your best evening wear while sipping Pink Champagne. B The Beach • Locations: ... Monday, 22 November 2010
  9. Travel Resources

    Category: Resources/Travel Resources

    Favorite Travel Movies Mobile Travel Apps Jaunting Notes by Location  ... Friday, 12 November 2010
  10. Travel Resources

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